• Dr. Sunil Dachepalli

Fractures Around Hand and Wrist

1.Wrist Fractures:

X-Ray showing wrist fractures

These fractures results from a fall on the outstretched hand

Most commonly seen in elderly females.


Treatment depends on many factors, including:

  1. Type of fracture, whether it is displaced or undisplaced.

  2. Age, job, hobbies, activity level and if it is your “dominant hand”.

  3. Presence of other injuries.

Non-Operative Treatment:

  1. Padded splint.

  2. Cast application.

Plaster of paris


Fractures may be fixed with many devices

  1. Pins

  2. Plates

  3. External fixation

k-wire fixation

plate and screws



  1. Usually good.

  2. Severe wrist fractures results in arthritis.

Hand Fractures:

1.Metacarpal Fractures:

X-Ray showing metacarpal fractures

Management includes with conservative treatment with back slab.

Picture showing back slab

Surgical options include K-wire and mini plates.

Metacarpal fractures treated with k-wire

2.Hand Fractures:

X-Ray showing phalangeal fractures

Treated conservatively with buddy strapping.

Buddy strapping

Displaced fractures are treated with k-wires or screws & plates.

Phalangeal fractures treated with k-wires

X-Ray showing metacarpal fractures treated with plates and screws

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