• Dr. Sunil Dachepalli


Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Clinical Experience

Over the past 15 years of experience of training in Trauma & Orthopaedics, I have gained sound & broad training in all aspects of the speciality. Equipped in the initial management of medical problems in surgical patients and able to co-ordinate anaesthetic or medical input as appropriate. Also, involved in the perioperative assessment and appropriate investigation of elective surgical patient and confident in performing most of the bedside procedures.


I am involved in Orthopaedic outpatient activities and conduct trauma & elective clinics.

Surgical experience

Elective Orthopaedics

Knee surgeries
  1. Knee arthroscopies

  2. Knee replacements including computer-assisted & revisions

  3. Uni-compartmental replacement

  4. Patellofemoral replacement

  5. Anatomical ACL reconstruction

  6. Minimally Invasive Knee Resurfacing

Hip surgeries
  1. Hip replacements including resurfacing & revisions

  2. Hip arthroscopies

Shoulder surgeries
  1. Arthroscopic sub acromial decompression

  2. Rotator cuff repairs

  3. Acromioclavicular joint excision

  4. Removal of calcifications

  5. Mini open procedures for the above

  6. Shoulder hemiarthroplasties and replacements

Foot surgeries
  1. Hallux Valgus correction

  2. Hallux Rigidus

  3. Lesser toe corrections

  4. Triple arthrodesis

  5. Ankle arthroscopy

  6. Ankle arthrodesis

  7. Ankle replacements

Carpal tunnel decompression
Complex ganglia excision
Trigger digits
  1. Intra & extra medullary fixation proximal femoral fractures

  2. Hemi arthroplasty & DHS fixation of hip fractures

  3. Proximal humerus fixation

  4. Intramedullary nailing of humerus, femur and tibia

  5. Clavicle fixation including hook plate

  6. Open reduction and internal fixation of long bones

  7. Supracondylar fracture fixation

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